I am passionate about holiness. I have been on a journey of pursuing holiness in every aspect of my life, including health. Living an active and healthy lifestyle is something I am still working to balance. My pursuit of holiness includes a personal core value for honor and excellence. 


For others, I am passionate about freedom and wholeness. This passion comes from my own experience with deliverance. I love seeing people encounter and experience Jesus and helping them break-off religious mind-sets. 

I am a lover of The Word of God, and I love sharing the nuggets of truth I  discover with others through writing and speaking. I am working on a book titled "Stepping into The Kingdom" about my faith journey and discovery of the Holy Spirit. 


I also love all things interior design and creating beautiful spaces. I have been able to use my giftings in this area in the development of Rod N Reel Resort, a resort at Table Rock Lake Scott and I have developed.  You can follow this project at rodnreeltablerock.com and on social media at https://www.facebook.com/rodnreelresort and https://www.instagram.com/rodnreelresort/

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