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But God, so that, therefore, but now, so that, so then.

All throughout scripture we see a BUT GOD to every single circumstance. The same is true for time today.

No matter what happens in life there is always a BUT GOD. Because of His love and mercy it is never the end of the story. He offers redemptive grace to every situation. Not only that, He always offers us something better. There are upgrades to our circumstances when we walk in faith with Him.

I have pondered this BUT GOD message for years and I know it will be one that I expand on in the future. But today He stopped me during my quiet time and led me to read Ephesians 2 which had this theme. I know there is someone who needs to hear this today.

Whatever it is that you are facing or have faced, know with certainty that there is a BUT GOD to your story. The story isnt finished. There is beauty for your ashes when you lay your circumstance at His feet and walk boldly in faith to trust Him with what’s ahead.

God wants to breathe life onto your circumstance. He wants to show you His goodness by redeeming your situation and showing you that there is a so that, therefore, but now, so that, so then, to your story. He has the master plan for your life and He has not failed you. Awaken your faith to trust what He is doing and know that with God it is always good. You are seen, you are known and you are loved. ~Michelle

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