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"His people seeking His Face."

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

At the beginning of 2020, I felt the Lord say this would be a year of "His people seeking His Face." As the year is more than halfway over, I see how right this word has been. To seek His face is to reflect our attention on Him and not let what is happening around us shift our focus.

The enemy attempts to counter what God is doing, so it is no mystery that he is trying to gain our focus. Oh, how this year is filled with many things that try to take our gaze. We must not be ignorant of what is happening in the natural, but likewise, we must see what's happening without taking our gaze off of Him. To see world affairs through Him is different than seeing them with our backs turned from Him. The enemy's distractions can either be a distraction that robs our focus or a test that we overcome.

God is refining His people. The tensions of life require us to reflect on our own heart and our response. Are they reflective of a life surrendered in faith to God? The enemy nor man can defeat the purposes of God, so we must remain bold and focused. We must not be moved and shaken. We are to remain steadfast positioned in love.

As we seek His face, we allow His purity to penetrate and refine us into His likeness. As we see Him, we know who we are to become. His peace becomes the force forbidding us from being moved and shaken by the schemes and ploys of the enemy. From this place of seeking His face, we become a vessel that can be used by Him.

Fix your gaze upon Him, and do not waste this pivotal time to seek His face and prove that you will not be distracted from your one true love. There is refining in this place, but you will also find a peace that flows like a river. Seeking His face is my mission. Will it be yours?

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