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Farewell 2020

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

2020 what can we say? We can’t say goodbye without saying thanks for, special moments with our family, all the fun adventures with Henry and Sloane, the successful launch of our new business @rodnreelresort, ministering with new and old friends from Bethel at the Joy Conference, amazing times with new friends and long-time friends, FaceTime calls with our friends from around the world, car trips and Airstream adventures.

2020 caused us pause and forced us to hone in on what’s important. Through the loss of a mentor and dear friend we realized how precious time is and through triumph of seeing God answer prayers for healing we are reminded of how precious life is. We end this year thankful and hopeful. Excited to embark on another year. As long as we live we will praise the Lord with grateful hearts.

Happy New Year Friends!

Let’s do 2021 well.

Scott and Michelle

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