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Don’t be afraid to hit the reset button

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Does the trajectory of your journey need to be reset? If a daily surrendered heart to whatever Christ wants isn’t leading you, then the answer might be yes.

Familiarity, comfort, worldliness, and even religious duty & traditions can become an enemy to the change Christ is leading you to. These things can occupy our focus and become a distraction, and the dangerous part is that not all of them appear bad on the surface.

When I had my first encounter with the tangible presence of God, I hit the reset button. I laid down everything I had learned from man and allowed the Lord to teach me Truth. This reset was an invitation into intimacy with God that was greater than anything I had ever encountered before.

Over the past ten years, the Lord has repeatedly asked me to lay down beautiful things, things that He called me to, and dramatically shift my life. As I reflect on these monumental moments in my lifetime, I can say that they made no sense to me at the moment. In fact, from an earthly perspective, they seemed counterintuitive. These decisions required obedience, trust, and faith. From them, I have learned to hold everything in this life loosely. I have learned to embrace and welcome change. I have learned to see every day of my life as a classroom. And I have built a trust and faith with God that has left me fully surrendered to whatever He asks of me.

Don’t be afraid to hit the reset button.

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