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His grace abounds

Our perspective of ourselves is essential to our growth into Christ's likeness.

In the natural, if a vine is left unattended, grapevines can become unruly, and fruiting will be poor. The same can be said about us in the spiritual.

It should be easy for us to have areas of our lives revealed that need pruning. Easy because we understand that a pruned vine bears more fruit. Pruning is part of our process of becoming like Christ. When something is exposed, we should not see ourselves as flawed but as a masterpiece in the making.

David understood the process of sanctification through intimacy with God when he gave God permission to search him and to know his heart (Psalm 139).

Charles Spurgeon says, “What a mercy that there is one being who can know us to perfection! He is intimately at home with us. He is graciously inclined towards us, and is willing to bend his omniscience to serve the end of our sanctification.”

Do not be afraid of being exposed before God. His mercy is sufficient and, His grace abounds.

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