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let God be God

It is the best to see a child dressed up in their favorite superhero costume, believing they can take on the world.

This is the image God has of each of us because He knows that we can accomplish and overcome anything through Him. The key is we need the humility to see that it is not in our strength that we achieve this but in His.

Humility comes in knowing and understanding who God is and who we are in Him. When we look for significance outside of Christ, we are ineffective in our warfare and mission. David slung the slingshot at Goliath with precision because his faith was in the strength of God, not his own.

We need to learn that in all things, we must let God be God. The enemy wants us to run aimlessly onto the battlefield of life and wield our sword without knowing our target so that we are weary and ineffective toward our real target. We can be sure that we will never be effective if we take on something that God has not equipped and called us to take on, and in the process, we will miss the very thing He has for us.

Amid a world of uncertainty, our focus must be on abiding and resting in God and listening to receive our assignments from Him. That way, we are readied to move as He leads and take on the mountains He commissions us for.

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