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Living in Mystery

Scott and I are finding ourselves living in mystery, meaning we don't know what is ahead for us. God has given glimpses of rekindling some old dreams and adding a few teasers of new revelation, but we genuinely don't know what it all means.

When we sold our businesses in October 2016, we felt the Lord was giving us a four-year sabbatical, which will end October 10, 2020. In these four years, we haven't thought a lot about what's ahead because we knew what we were supposed to be learning and doing at that moment. With the end of our sabbatical getting closer, I have found myself getting restless living in the unknown. I find myself wanting to connect all the dots to see what the design is or put the puzzle pieces together to see the full picture.

We were sharing our hearts with our friends, Carl and Sherri Woetzel, and Carl said, "Mystery isn't to be solved; it's to be experienced." At that moment, I realized I had been trying to solve the mystery rather than wholly embracing and enjoying it.

We may not be able to understand or see what God is doing entirely, but we can fully trust Him on the journey. The words of Paul in Philippians come to mind; he had learned the secret of being content in any and every situation. My prayer is to be content in the known and the mystery because whatever is ahead, it is going to be God, and with God, it's always good.

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