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One encounter with God changes everything!

One encounter with God changes everything!

I was raised with religion that was taught not demonstrated. As a result, I had unintentionally been drenched in legalism and had a limited understanding of who God The Father, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit really are. I took everything the pastor said as truth and formed my religious opinions based on what he said.

Then, in August of 2012, my life was radically altered when I had an encounter with The Holy Spirit. The presence of God fell on me like a blanket of weight that caused my body to go limp, and I fell on the ground, unable to stay sitting. I wept under the precious reality of God's tangible presence. It is a moment that I will never forget and one that has forever changed my life.

An encounter with God becomes a solidifying force that seals your faith forever and propels you forward into the fullness of Christ. That one moment forbid me from staying the same and forced me to find my truth about who God truly is.

It was from that moment that I realized evangelism and sharing Jesus with others cannot be about mere words but it must be about a demonstration of the power and love of God himself. He came in flesh to touch His people through His Son Jesus Christ. He came to encounter people who realized that even just touching the hem of His robe would heal them and change their lives forever.

When Jesus returned to the Father He sent The Holy Spirit to bring even greater works and greater encounters with Gods presence. Jesus restored our access to The Father. He invited us all in to the inner temple to commune directly with God. We don’t access Him through a priest or through a pastor but through our own pursuit of knowing Him.

People need the touch of God. We are living in a moment of isolation and separation but as we leave this moment we will have the opportunity to bring the tangible presence of God to His people. I am so excited about the days ahead and about doing life with a community of people who are equipped and ready to bring the tangible presence of Jesus to a world of people ready and eager to experience Him. I want to see my City set on fire for Jesus and to see cities all over the world transformed through individual lives who have been touched by God.

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