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Below is a post I wrote five years ago today but interestingly, loving like Jesus is a top theme for Scott and me in this season.

Do you see the people around you as Jesus sees them? Do your actions, words, and heart toward others align with His? These are questions I'm pressed to ask myself.

What would happen if we just focused our attention on loving like Jesus?

He went out of His way to give the woman at the well an encounter with Him because He saw beyond what the world saw in her. He saw a woman with a destiny to impact her entire village and become an evangelist for the gospel.

What would happen if we had His perspective as we looked at people?

We are ALL fearfully and wonderfully made. God created everyone with a beautiful destiny. Some people are just looking for someone to see in them what they cannot see in themselves.

What would happen if we were that person who called out their GOLD?

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