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Walk with God

Can we agree that life isn’t always a mountaintop experience? There are times we have to walk through the valley to get to where God is leading us. Almost every person in the Bible encountered a valley experience, if not all of them. I am fascinated by the transformations on the other side of those who walk successfully through their valley experience.

Did you know that in the natural valley soil will always be richer than mountain soil? I find this to be true in the Spiritual as well. The gold of life can be found in the tensions of life.

The key to successfully walking through our valley experiences is remembering that “God is with us!” Our perspective of these valley moments is essential. Psalm 23 says, “even though I walk through.” The valley is not our destination or our dwelling place. We must not lay down in defeat but continue to walk through it trusting in God’s faithfulness along the way.

I am writing this post because 2020 has had some valley experiences for Scott and me, and in vulnerability, I haven’t been walking them out with the right perspective. Instead of asking God what He’s doing in me through this experience, I let it overwhelm me.

Have you heard the phrase, “God never gives you more than you can handle?” This is not in the Bible. A lot of life is more than we can handle WITHOUT HIM! Our success and victory in life are found in living in the empowerment of Jesus Christ.

We must embrace being pushed and challenged beyond our comfort so that we learn more about the nature of God. His faithfulness and His goodness are revealed when we are stretched beyond our human capacity and limitations and are required to depend on Him. And through it, we look more like Him!

So don’t run through your valley. Walk with God and get everything He has for you!

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