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We are created for connection

I just read a post that said, “God separated us to draw us closer to Him.” I literally want to shout from the mountaintop that COVID-19 is not the Lord’s doing. God is not the source of any disease and He does not use manipulative tactics to do anything.

Jesus came to bring life, and life abundant. The enemy seeks to steal, kill and destroy. We must not confuse the enemy’s work with the Lords.

We are created for fellowship and intimacy with God and with others. We see this from the beginning of creation. God saw that Adam was alone so He created Eve. When intimacy with God was lost in the garden Jesus came to restore it. Our whole relationship with God The Father, Jesus and The Holy Spirit is based on intimacy and connection. This tactic to separate and isolate us from others is the work of Satan.

It is important for us to be creative in connecting with others. Being in the same space with someone isn’t connection. We need to make time to be intentional with connection. Make sure you are pausing throughout your day to have eye to eye connection with others. Take time for intimate conversations. We were created to need this!

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