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We Promote God's Kingdom

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

As followers of Jesus Christ, we promote God's Kingdom, not the world's government. Regardless of world affairs, the Church's message is to be one of hope and promise. We should see opportunity amidst the chaos to reveal Jesus to a hurting world.

Throughout Jesus' ministry, even amid opposition, He never incited or encouraged the people to rebel against the government. Scripture tells believers to pray, intercede and be thankful for all people, including those in high positions. There is no asterisk of exceptions that says this applies to only those who believe like us. When it says all, it means all.

Accountability lies within ourselves as we are held responsible for our personal actions and responses. I have too much growth needed in my own life to spend my time judging and condemning others, including those who think differently than me.

The enemy wants to create fear, chaos, and division. As the Church we must make sure our actions and responses do not align with the enemies more than they align with Jesus'. In my own life, I want to make sure that I am not spending my time on the enemy's work rather than on advancing the Kingdom of God and bringing glory to His name. ~Michelle #thepitmanduo #loveothers #cultureofhonor

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