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“You are here to be poked and prodded.”

These words from a post by Kris Vallotton leaped off the page at me. This has been so true in my life.

During my time at ministry school I found myself in situations where I felt like every hot button I had was being provoked. One day I said out loud, “what am I doing here just to be poked and prodded.” Immediately the Lord responded, “You are here to be poked and prodded.” In that moment I realized that the tensions I was facing were intentional for my growth.

Some revealed areas I needed to work on and others were opportunities to empower me as I strengthened my voice. Others were moments that solidified my personal core values.

Often the true gold of life is birthed out of trials and tensions.

Our aim is to be made into the likeness of Christ and that can sometimes require having our true hearts exposed before Him. We must embrace the process and trust Him with the methods knowing that His plans for us are always good.

What are you discovering about yourself in this season? When you are poked by something that happens or prodded by something someone says are you happy with the way you react or respond? Be ok with discovering that there may be somethings about yourself that need improvement. You aren’t flawed, you are royalty in training for Christlikeness.

Keep pressing on and enjoy the journey.

You are seen, you are known, and you are loved!

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