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Don’t limit your life

Have you heard some say, “I’m a sinner saved by grace?” I have found this phrase to be used often among Christians. However, this statement and belief has caused us to fall short of what God intends for the Christian life. Yes, before we gave our life to Jesus we were sinners. And yes, we are saved by grace. That is our entry point into salvation when we immediately become the righteousness of Christ. We step into a life as a son and daughter of the Most High God and we rule and reign as priests and kings.

Don’t limit your life to seeing yourself as a sinner saved by grace. See yourself as you are, seated with Christ in Heavenly places. This is the place where we overcome sin. This is the place where we fulfill the plans and purposes the Lord has for us. This is the place where our lives are transformed and we become like Christ.

Move past the limitations of small thinking and take on the mind of Christ. The world is looking for sons and daughters and mothers and fathers to show them what it means to live victoriously in Christ. We need to live in a way that is appealing to those who don’t yet know Him. Step beyond living with the shackles of being a “sinner saved by grace” and live in the fullness of ALL Christ sacrificed to give us! Let’s rule and reign from our place of victory seated with Christ!

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