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Give your heart permission to feel

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

I lived most of my life with the mindset to put your big girl pants on and get over things. I processed most of what happened in my life through my intellect and forbid myself from allowing my heart to feel pain or hurt. I even cared more about the offender than I did about the offense against me.

Thankfully, God awakened my heart several years ago and began breaking down the fortress I had unintentionally built by living with this wrong mindset.

I can remember the moment, during my time at ministry school, that I put my hand on my heart and said, “what is this thing in my chest?” I could actually physically feel my heart for the first time.

God created us with emotions. It’s a beautiful journey learning how to use them. Don’t make the same mistake I did and live shut off to your feelings. What you “feel” is important.

We aren’t taught enough about self-care but I can assure you that you are the most important thing to God. He cares more about you than He does about what you do for Him. You are His priority so you must be your priority. Give your heart permission to feel. Pursue being vulnerable with yourself and with God. Being powerful isn’t living detached from your emotions. It’s learning how to process them in a healthy way and finding freedom and wholeness through it. You are seen, you are known, and you are loved.

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